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Key Plot Points

Follow the Sheikah Slate
The Isolated Plateau
Seak Out Impa
The Hero's Sword
Locked Mementos
Reach Zora's Domain
Divine Beast Vah Medoh
Divine Beast Vah Rudania
Divine Beast Vah Ruta
Forbidden City Entry
Find the Fairy Fountain

Robbie's Research
A Shady Customer
Little Sister's Request
Hylian Homeowner
The Statue's Bargain
A Gift for my Beloved
The Sheep Rustlers
Sunshroom Sensing
Slated for Upgrades
Flown the Coop
The Priceless Maracas
Curry for What Ails You
Find Kheel
Face the Frost Talus
The Apple of my Eye
The Spark of Romance
The Jewel Trade
Death Mountain's Secret
Medicinal Molduga
The Eighth Heroine
The Secret Club's Secret
Tools of the Trade
An Ice Guy
Lynel Safari
Frog Catching
Diving is Beauty!
Luminous Stone Gathering
A Wife Washed Away
The Horseback Hoodlums
Riverbed Reward
My Hero
A Rare Find
The Royal White Stallion

Subdued Ceremony
Revali's Flap
Resolve and Grief
Daruk's Mettle
Zelda's Resentment
Blades of the Yiga
Silent Princess
Mipha's Touch
To Mount Lanayru
The Master Sword

56 Shrines
78 Koroks
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Victory Road Application

Name: Wolfeh
E-mail: jlswab@gmail.com
Preferred Contact: [plurk.com profile] AllintheBones
Timezone: EST
Current Characters in Victory Road: Cissnei, Noctis, Vanitas and Newt

Name: Link
Series: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Timeline: About to reclaim Divine Beast vah Naboris
Canon Resource Links:
Game Wiki Entry
Link's specific BotW History

Play-Through Information

Original Character Background:
While not necessarily mute, it is implied through various entries in Zelda's journal that Link has taken something of a vow of silence so he can better focus on what his ultimate goal is. Memory-loss Link probably wouldn't be as inclined to follow such a thing but given that the version I'll be playing does have some of his memories regained, he is going to be quiet more often than not. Anything he can convey through body language will be done that way and text will be his preferred option on the network. Eventually he may decide to be vocal, once he's more comfortable, but for now he's going to just let everyone think he's mute.

Prior to his injury and being asleep for 100 years, Link was a very dedicated and very focused individual. He carried the weight of his fate proudly and didn't hesitate to do his job no matter who tried to stop him or what got in his way. He was a quiet soul that followed the Princess obediently, even when she didn't want him to, and knew that his soul purpose in all of what was going on with Ganon was to keep the princess safe, wield the Master Sword and seal the darkness.

A lot of those aspects are still there, just lost like the majority of his memories.

After waking from his 100 year nap, Link was more relaxed and his curiosity about everything shows itself more. He doesn't hesitate to explore and seems to have a knack for getting himself into trouble because of this constant urge. That doesn't mean he isn't aware that he has a job to do; he's just using more unconventional means to accomplish most of them. (Oh he needs to get through that forest? He's going to climb every tree to do it. There's a field full of enemies after him? Burn the grass to take them out!)

He's a brave little soul who doesn't seem to be scared of anything, climbing any mountain that gets in his way and fighting any enemy that decides to attack him even if he has to do it with a mop. If there's a way to accomplish a goal Link will find it no matter the injuries he has to get in the process. There's very little that makes him balk and when those moments do happen, you know it's probably something pretty terrible. He's got a very strong will that doesn't wain and will push himself until he absolutely cannot stand up anymore.

While definitely brave and outgoing, Link is a bit on the bashful side, easily flustered when complimented and not really knowing how to handle affection directed at him. (He's talking to you, Great Fairies.) He's a gentle soul at his core and deeply cares about others and their wellbeing, always looking out for others before himself. (Though every now and then he does get a bit selfish, buying himself something that he wants even if it's not something he necessarily needs.)

The easiest way to piss Link off is to hurt people around him. It doesn't even have to be one of his friends; hurt someone, anyone, and he'll jump to their defense and take you out before you can even blink. (Kids and animals especially. Don't harm them unless you want a good beating.) Frustration is something Link has become good friends with as of late and it does stem from prior to his 100 year nap. He gets frustrated in himself and his ability to do what needs to be done and gets extremely frustrated when he can't accomplish a task that seems like it should be really simple. Link can be very hard on himself despite the memory loss because he knows there's a lot riding on him.

The newest thing that Link's had to learn to deal with is the feeling of loss. Of uncertainty. The people he was suppose to help protect died 100 years ago while he survived to try again. He failed them and bears that weight heavily. The last thing he wants to do is fail again when there's so much more at stake now but there's a looming cloud of doubt over his head. It doesn't stop him from doing what needs to be done but every now and then, when he stops moving and stops fighting, it hits him and he has to push himself to move past it.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter: Buizel
Password: Atomic Fireball

RP Sample:
Over Yonder

Victory Road Sample:
Having caught the ferry out to the islands Link had found himself in a bit of a paradise. He'd been told that some of the islands weren't quite as tropical but this one? This one was pretty great and the sun felt so warm. It reminded him of one of the coastal villages he had visited back home on occasion and while there was a degree of homesickness that came with that thought it was easy enough to move past. For now.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Link smiled to himself before looking down at his companion. His Buizel let out a happy little noise, bouncing on it's back paws only to take off as soon as it's trainer motioned for it to go. Said trainer let out a huff of a laugh before following after the rambunctious Pokemon, letting out his other two Pokemon in the process.

His Petilil twilled softly and bobbed about in the sand while his Emolga let out a delighted squeak and took off after his Buizel. It immediately tackled the otter Pokemon with a quick glide and the two went rolling through the sand, chattering up a storm.

Link could only shake his head in amusement, pausing long enough to scoop his Petilil up before continuing on down the beach. There were a few other people wandering about and Link waved at each one he passed, smiling sheepishly when an older woman complimented his Pokemon and gesturing to her Alola Persian and giving a bright smile. She had chuckled and thanked him for the compliment before continuing on, giving Link a chance to catch up with his rowdy pair.

His Petilil twilled again and Link laughed softly, tapping her head before beaming.

Time for an adventure indeed!