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Hi! It's September, and I've managed to actually get my act together for once, so that means Ryner's pokemon (and some of Sion's have joined in) have decided to come together to make eggs! And quite a variety we have for you today, ladies and gentlemen and others.

Because of Ryner's status as a Breeder, this batch has some special qualities to it. All Absol eggs will come with their Hidden Ability, Justified. And among the rest of the eggs that are not Absols, all of them have one Shiny parent. Which means that one (1) lucky character at random will find that the egg they receive is a Shiny. (I intend to roll this when all of the qualifying eggs are claimed, or in a week's time, whichever comes first. If you want one of the eggs but don't want to be part of the Shiny pool, just let me know!)

Asking price for all eggs is P1000, except for the Absols which are P2000 each (because even though all parties involved don't actually know yet ICly that Hidden Abilities breed like this, just look at that champion egg move set), but if you can convince Rose that you'll be a good home for the egg, she might be willing to let Ryner give you a discount.

Species available: Absol, Cleffa, Togepi, Finneon, Inkay, Budew, Oddish, Cutiefly, Joltik, Ponyta, Cyndaquil, Honedge, Fletchling, Archen, Deerling, Furfrou )

[Accidental Video]

Sep. 19th, 2017 06:51 pm
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[Link at honestly meant for this to go a lot smoother and he sure as hell hadn't meant for his 'gear to drop in the process of..well..he had been trying to basically play hockey with his Floatzel and a Spheal.

The Spheal sort of..kind of the puck.

His 'gear is dropped as he attempts to get control of his sliding across some ice, the Spheal in his arms and looking completely okay with this entire situation. Link manages to swing himself around on the ice, face in the direction of his 'gear only to have his feet start to go out from under him. He lets out a yelp and tries to regain his bearings but he's moving too fast and that wall is too close--]


[Too little, too late, Sidon.

There's an echoing thud as Link hits the wall, the Spheal still contently nestled in his arms and smacking it's flippers together.

Let's do it again!

Link let's out a breath and starts to straighten up only to freeze as a chirping-bark alerts him to something, the blonde looking up and towards the 'gear just as Pumpkin the Floatzel comes skidding into view and promptly slams into Link and the Spheal, pinning them against the wall as he scrambles and falls to right himself.

Off screen there's a heavy sigh.]

I told you not to run.

[Responses will come from both of these idiots.]

➀ - video // new bark town

Sep. 19th, 2017 10:46 am
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[Flashes of sky, treetops and a blur of ground and grass—]

Huh? —Oh!

[There it is: a close-up of a face full of freckles, big green eyes, and then the PokeGear pulls back and there’s a much more comfortable view of two sisters from arm’s length: one red-headed and rosy, one icy-blonde and pale, and looking very uncomfortable.]

Okay! Hi, um—hi everyone! I think this goes to everyone… Well, where do I start…? Right! Names! I’m Anna, and this is my sister Elsa!

[She gestures to Elsa behind her, grinning widely. Elsa cringes as soon as she realizes the camera is on her, glancing at it out the corner of her eye as Anna continues.]

We’re new here! Like, brand new, we just got here and wow is it weird. But! We’ve already made friends!

[Anna bends down briefly, and when the camera stabilizes again she’s upright, with a Shroomish in her free arm.]

This is Button! He’s a...well, I’m not really sure but he’s like a dog except a mushroom and he’s sort of grumpy, but I know he and I are going to be really good friends! And this

[The camera swings wide to focus on her sister, and the Alolan Vulpix sitting beside her.]

Is Elsa’s new friend! Say hi, Elsa!! What’s her name again?
[Now that the camera is on her fully, Elsa stiffens and sits a little more upright, more conscious of her posture than ever.]

I- her name is Skadi…

[Way to stutter for the world, Elsa. Feeling like she’s obligated to say more because Anna seems so enthusiastic, Elsa forces herself to go on.]

She’s very swe- [Elsa is cut off as the Vulpix beside her sneezes and covers Elsa in a fine layer of powdery snow that already begins to melt.] Oh not again- Anna look away!

[Anna gasps, giggles, and then moves the camera to focus on her and Button again.]

Whoops! Okay. Well, anyway! We’re going to, um...go catch some more of these things, I guess! If any of you see us, say hi! We can be friends! Okay, um—bye!

[She waves, fumbles for the button, still giggling, and then the video ends.]

[OOC: replies will be coming from both Anna and Elsa ([personal profile] frozenfractalsallaround)! please specify in your header if you want one or the other!]

(no subject)

Sep. 18th, 2017 02:58 pm
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So you know the phrase "life comes at you fast"?

Yeah it's why I've been absent for...weeks. Tl;dr: I had a great vacation!.........But then funerals. Lots of funerals. If not funerals, hey Mozart guess who died today.

It was a real bad scene for a while and I swear I'm okay I had my cryfests already so I can talk about this.

But I'm back now! I think! Greetings to all y'all champs to be, what's good? Botan, Jade, and Xion are back with a vengeance something or other.

+1 Superhero

Sep. 18th, 2017 10:29 pm
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I'm Raffy, and I'll be bringing here a muttering super hero in training, Midoriya Izuku aka Deku from My Hero Academia! He's a trainer starting out with a Togepi because he too started out as a weakling that suddenly got powers through the power of friendship.

... Ok, that's not quite how canon goes but shut up, I'm doing my best!

ANYWAY, I can be found on plurk @ RMarques, so feel free to add me for plotting, chatting, or whatever!

+1 princess

Sep. 18th, 2017 11:18 am
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my name is Jo and I'm bringing in a punchy ginger princess AKA Anna from Frozen! she is going to be a trainer and will be starting out wherever elsa is starting out idk Wes and I haven't figured that out yet

OBVIOUSLY she's not going to have any memories of what the previous Anna did, and will be starting over with a clean slate, which is great for me since I'm also brand new here! I can't wait to throw her in and have her meet everyone!

feel free to hit me up on Plurk @ `lachrymosa` for plotting/friending!!

TL;DR Relationship Meme!

Sep. 18th, 2017 01:44 pm
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A Raichu and Squirtle hug! Aww

Welcome to the TL;DR Relationship Meme! Here's how it goes!

Step 1: Post a top-level with your character
Step 2: Tag other peoples posts with your character (or characters) who know theirs
Step 3: Respond to the replies to yours with your character's impressions/opinion of them!
TL;DR encouraged but you can go all out, we won't be word counting here)!

Step 4:Cha-cha real smooth

+1 precious snowflake

Sep. 18th, 2017 12:54 am
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Yo waddup, I'm Wes! I'm bringing in Elsa, your number one ice dispenser in all of Arendelle. Also queen, but the ice is her defining attribute.

Y'all probably already know all about her, but she's a bit reserved, overall kind and friendly queen who can accidentally freeze you if startled. Ice queens, eh? Now she's got an alolan vulpix to make the ice for her!

Anyways, if y'all wanna add me on plurk i'm it's and the best place to reach me is probably there.

Also! I'd like to ask that anyone with the previous Elsa's pokemon please keep them!

That's all I've got! See y'all on the RP side.
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As the sun sets, everything across Johto and Kanto seems peaceful. The weather has been getting a little chilly but is still mild and nothing too unusual or zany has happened lately. What a wonderful beginning to autumn! Only, as night falls, something is happening. Across the regions, vans are pulling up a few blocks down from the Pokemon Centres. Completely harmless vans, for various completely real businesses such as "Bellossom's Blossoms" or "The Slurpuff Nest Bakery".

Quite suddenly, the warp pads are fried! If you were planning to go somewhere, you certainly aren't getting there now. What's going on...??


Sep. 17th, 2017 10:07 am
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Hello everyone.

[Newt's sitting on a log in the middle of his camp, his usual awkward smile in place as his gaze seems only half focused on the 'gear itself.

Making eye contact in person is extremely difficult. It's just as hard for him over the network.]

I, ah, have currently found myself in a bit of an odd predicament. Not a bad sort of odd, by any means, but one that is going to hinder my ability to travel for a bit.

[To illustrate what he means, Newt turns the 'gear to show off his campsite in full. His tent is pitched several feet away and a small fire with a kettle getting warm over the fire in the middle of everything. And around the fire? All bundled up in jackets and blankets?

Eggs. Twenty-something eggs.]

My companions seem to have decided now was a good time for this and while I honestly don't mind, several of them have agreed to allow some of their young to be adopted out.

[He turns the 'gear around again so he's visible once more, his smile a bit more true now, a fond look about the young man.]

There is a clutch from Merlin, my Staravia friend, and his mate Helena, who is a Swanna. Malie, my Pikachu friend, and Hufflepuff the Ditto. And then my dear Salazar the Noibat and...well, to be honest I am not entirely sure who the mother of his eggs is. There have been several flying types hanging about as of late so it's either the lovely Noctowl that spent the night with us or the Pelipper that's been recovering from heat exhaustion.

[Either way, he's extremely excited about all of this.]

If you have any interest in taking on an egg, please let me know. It will require parental approval but once you have it, the egg will be delivered as quickly as possible.

[The clutches are as follows:

Merlin and Helena

Malie and Hufflepuff

Salazar and the Pelipper

Any that are not spoken for are up for grabs!]

Heads Up

Sep. 16th, 2017 12:24 pm
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I'm going in for a medical procedure on Monday which will leave me tired, sore and possibly drugged too. So as such, I'll be on hiatus for 2 weeks, or maybe more depending on how long this is going to take to heal. I'll try to get to tags but there's little hope in the immediate point of time.

Affects Yayoi only.

8th Match // [video] Fuchsia

Sep. 14th, 2017 05:58 pm
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Look what Sparky's muscle cat drew!

[There's a drawing being shoved up to the video feed. It takes the camera several long, painful moments to focus, but when it does, oh boy. There's no unseeing this picture.

Today Krieg is sharing a beautifully rendered pencil drawing...of...himself. Every muscle has been skillfully and lovingly reproduced. No detail too minute, no line, no bruise, no scar too insignificant to escape the artist's keen eye. Interestingly, his mask and pants look a bit less polished than his naked torso and arms. Polo's admiration for each and every one of Krieg's hard, bulging muscles is very apparent, and Krieg couldn't be more flattered.]

Mnhahahaha! My pecs have pecs!

[Sorry not sorry, Jean, your shame is now shared with the world.]

sixteenth feather [video]

Sep. 13th, 2017 12:18 pm
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[This feed opens sometime in the afternoon, spontaneous as they often are, this one seems special. While it opens on a inn room, the decorations definitely place it in Ecruteak City, if anyone is familiar with the city's architecture. The view is firmly set on a familiar face for the network, Rakka, sitting on the bed, a Litwick sitting just a short distance from her, its flames flickering hesitantly.

Looking down at the screen with an expression far from her usual cheerfulness. She looks visibly distraught, jut so that it takes her a moment to speak.

Ashley... I think she went home. I found a bunch of her Pokemon in my PC at the Pokemon Center, and she hasn't been answering my calls anymore.

[The screen shakes, just a little.]

...If anyone else has found any of her Pokemon, could you please let me know? I-I don't want any of them to be lost.

[The screen rests on Rakka's face for a silent moment...]

Thank you.

[and it goes dead.]

10th Zapfish [Video, Olivine City]

Sep. 13th, 2017 12:45 pm
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[The feed opens up on the warm, sunny beaches of Olivine City. While it's not properly hot enough for most people and the summer is whittling away to the dregs, that doesn't mean everybody's staying off the sand. The view pans over to a group of Pokemon - a Luxray curled up on the slope of a dune in the sun, an Octillery near the surf pushing over mounds of wet sand to a shiny Tsareena as she meticulously sculpts it over a complacent Noivern, who almost seems like she's laughing about the whole thing. From behind the person holding the 'gear, a Malamar floats over to them, shells trailing behind it in an aura of psychic energy to help press into the molded sand. There's a chuckle.]

Super silly, huh?


[The 'gear shifts down to a Tepig sitting in a girl's - Thida's, by the voice - lap. One of his ears is bent strangely, and he looks up into the feed with confusion.]

Y'gonna play?

[The Tepig bows its head bashfully and hides its snout underneath its front feet. Thida reaches out to pat him.]

'S okey. 'M not gonna go. Too wet. [It's at this point she turns the 'gear around to face her, and yep, it's Thida.] 'S a vacation, though. Um...never had one before? Whatcha s'posed t'do on vacations? 'M at...Olivine? Whatcha do for 'em there? Need some ideas, or...we'll be at th'beach all day. [Thida wrinkles her nose as she signs off. It's very clear that sand and surf are not part of what she wants a period of rest to be like.]

Fifteenth Sacrament: Prepare

Sep. 12th, 2017 08:11 pm
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Who: Walter and Diana
Where: Goldenrod
When: 12th September
Summary: Walter and Diana end up crossing paths while shopping
Rating: With these two, who knows where it'll go

Prepare for Trouble )

Backdated Log

Sep. 12th, 2017 09:17 am
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Who: Handsome Jack, open to family and friends

Where: Goldenrod

When: Over the weekend

Summary: Jack misses Manaka and has pouted, sulked, and wheedled until all of his 'kids' agree to come visit.

Rating: PG-13 for language


Not Exactly A Party Occasion... )

115th moon [video]

Sep. 11th, 2017 04:28 pm
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All this business with moody Legendaries had somewhat disturbed my anniversary plans, but I've finally an announcement to make.

[Cecil's Official Kingly Voice does not match the beaming smile on his lips, as he stands in front of a brand new white building. Rosie the Clefable stands at his side, looking positively giddy.]

Starting in exactly one week at dusk, I would like to invite any sufficiently determined and experienced tester to try their mettle against the Lunar Gym, the second and brand new member of the Aurora League. Saffron's very own Silph Co. has graciously participated in its construction, and I can promise that their efforts will turn your understanding of Pokémon battles completely upside down!

[Both trainer and Pokémon look very much delighted at the thought of showing the fruits of their training.]

Of course, even trainers uninterested in battling are welcome to visit the premises during our business hours, Monday to Thursday from dusk to dawn... Or to come to the bar near Celadon City's Pokémon Center for drinks tonight. Everyone's first seven drinks are on me, and I'll be answering any Gym question you may have throughout the night.

[And indeed, anyone who visits said bar after seeing his message will find him there, happily waving acquaintances over.]


Sep. 10th, 2017 09:16 am
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[Anyone paying attention to the network will be audience to a rather epic looking fight that is suddenly being broadcast, a Larvitar, Stufful and Tyrunt all getting pretty violent with one another.

But they aren't fighting like most Pokemon do. No, this trio is utilizing wrestling moves.

Whoever is filming is clearly floating as the view is slightly overhead, the trio flipping one another over and slamming each other into the ground. The Larvitar in particular seems to be really giving the others a run for their money, grabbing the Stufful and piledriving him into the ground. She let's out a roar and goes after the Tyrunt, grabbing the Dino by the snout and trying to flip her over only to get knocked backwards by a fierce headbutt.

Something hits the ground and bounces away just before the Larvitar launches at the Tyrunt again, both parties striking each other hard as the Stufful launches himself off a rock now that he's got his bearings back--

And then the video is filled with bright light and the roars get louder.

There's a thunderous crack as the Stufful--no that's a Bewear--is slammed into the boulder he launched himself off of then a roar as the Larvitar turned Tyranitar is knocked to the ground, the Tyrunt turned Tyrantrum standing over them looking quite proud.]

What in the hell??

[The camera turns around and there stands Noctis, eyes wide as he stares at the scene before him.]

Oh shi--

[End video.]

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Sep. 9th, 2017 01:45 am
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Activity Check Warning List

Make sure you're not on it! )


Sep. 7th, 2017 07:37 pm
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➞ Post with a character you wish to test drive in this game's setting.
➞ Tag other people's starters and thread out shenanigans!
➞ Invite your friends! Try out new characters! Come play with us!
➞ Have fun!



✭ ✭ ✭

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